Match report: Quarry Rovers 2 – Cholsey Bluebirds 7

Quarry Rovers 2 (Faizaan 2) – Cholsey Bluebirds 7 Sunday 27th November 2016 A welcome strengthening of the Quarry squad this week with new signings Christian and Adam which, along with the return of George from suspension, meant that Coach Alex had the luxury of some substitutes, although it was a shame Xander and Haider were absent for this game. If the team had a new look, the start did not. After 5 minutes, a corner wasn’t cleared, the ball was crossed back in and was put away quite softly off the post. After that, Quarry held their own with decent amounts of possession, although never really creating any clear chances of their own. It all turned a bit scrappy in midfield, with neither si

Match report: Quarry Rovers 3 – Abingdon United 6

Quarry Rovers 3 – Abingdon United 6 Sunday 4th December 2016 Beautiful winter sunshine bathed the Margaret Road ground as Quarry sought revenge for their 6-1 defeat in the away fixture two weeks ago. A heavy overnight frost meant the pitch was sticky and lumpy in parts but playable, and Coach Alex found he had the luxury of 3 substitutes for this game. Haider and Xander returned after a week’s absence and Jo-Dee returned after a lengthy injury; on the minus side, Quarry were without Ben, Joseph and new signing Christian. For those that witnessed the horror of the away fixture, the start was awfully familiar: In the second minute a long cross-field ball released the Abingdon right wing throug

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