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Margaret Road Pavilion

Quarry Rovers Football Club is pleased to confirm that the work on the new Margaret Road Pavilion should commence on 3 October 2016, with an expected completion date of Autumn 2017.

The start date was confirmed on 23 September and work will now begin to remove the equipment from the storage room into a temporary container that is to be stored onsite.

Although there will be no changing facilities during the work, portable toilets will be made available for match days as required by League rules. Matches on Saturdays and Sundays should be unaffected and the club expect training on Wednesday evenings to resume at the park as usual in March/April 2017, following our autumn/winter training period at Brookes.

The club committee has worked hard to ensure that key elements of the design and construction were changed to meet the local community’s requirements, including the removal of unnecessary parking and the creation of a more useful community space.

The club have also stressed that the children's play area should remain accessible, subject to health and safety concerns, with a temporary gate on Margaret Road to ensure continued access to this much-loved space. During the course of discussions it was mentioned that the play area would be replaced after the build using an identified budget and we would encourage the users of the area to engage with the parks department to help achieve a positive outcome.

Discussions with the council are continuing, with the ultimate objective being for the park to provide good-quality pitches and play areas for the club and the local community.

The council contact for this project is Paul Backman (

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