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Quarry Rovers U15 – news update

Training restarts on Thursday 16th March at 6pm at Margaret Road. For the first couple of weeks, we'll carry on until it gets dark, but the clocks change on 26th March so we should be able to get in longer sessions after that. We're aiming to carry on training until the end of May, although there may be a break for the Easter holidays. I know Thursdays aren't good for some of you, but I'm afraid it was the only day possible at the moment. Training will be taken by Ben Franks and Josh, Ben has worked with a number of Quarry teams in the past so some of you will know him. If enough of you are available, and we can find suitable opposition, we will try to arrange a couple of friendly games as well, maybe on a Friday night or Saturday morning. Our aim is to apply to re-join the league next season, and we will find somewhere appropriate to train on a night that hopefully suits everyone.

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